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A revealing examination of the nation's most valuable asset.

Its land.

The book 'Who Owns Britain' by Kevin Cahill revealed the hidden facts behind landownership in the UK and Ireland.

This site is an extension of that book, and is an on going project providing updates and information on current land issues in the UK.

About the book
Who Owns Britain is the first detailed look at landownership in Britain in modern times. It:
  • Tells the story of the 'Lost Doomsday', the return of Owners of Land of 1872, until now the only comprehensive record of landownership in Britain ever compiled
  • Updates and examines who owns what in all 118 counties of Britain and Ireland
  • Compares landownership in Britain and Ireland then and now, highlighting how in Britain 70% of land is still owned by less than 1% of the population
  • Reveals the immovable vested interests of Britains landed aristocracy

This extraordinary investigation of Britain's best-kept secret also exposes:

  • The myth behind the alleged sarcity of land - less than 8% of the country is under concrete
  • The ongoing failure of the Land Registry - 76 years on, up to 50% of the land in England and Wales remains unregistered
  • The scandalous undervaluation of the Crown Estate and its role as the next great Goverment sell-off
  • How the Church of England has 'mislaid' 1.5 million acres it owned 100 years ago
  • The startling accumulation of land by the Royal Family, who now own or control the equivalent of an average-sized county in England
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